I See
By David Stanley Bell

My body and soul spoke to me
but I would not listen
The whisper of simple truths
could not be heard
amid desperate cries for approval
brief moments of applause
the price paid for a soul
I fought their battles
unworthy, I deemed my own
self denial became abandonment
of the vision born in me
I blocked out the flow
of love and light
In darkness I fell
grasping frantically
for the nurturing
that had drained away from me
from healer to demon I became
my touch, a vortex
draining those who would heal me
to feed the spiraling tempest within

I had to learn
to love myself
to pull the stinger from my touch
But I had to fall
to the bottom of who I was
where I am uplifted
by the breath that sustains me
the substance of hopes and dreams
Lift the judgment from my eyes
and I can see eternity

Still I feel the sorrow
for the pain I've caused
But through these tears
I see the seeds
blossom into hope
the seasons turn
to bring new life
When I pause to feel
the wind upon my flesh
I let the wisdom of ages
become my own

I blind myself
to the eyes
that in contempt look upon me
and I see
only light
only love
and I see
with my eyes once again

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